Thursday, 24 March 2011

Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education


In this TED Talk, Salman Khan talks about how and why he created the Khan Academy. The Khan academy is famous for its teaching videos used by one million students all over the world. First he started to tutor his cousins remotely by putting videos on you tube. Tutoring this way had a big success with his cousins. By the time, he had started to get positive feed backs not only from his cousins, but also from students and teachers. They saw the advantages of Khan’s videos and they started to use it more frequently both in schools and home. The reason why it is so popular between students is that they can watch it in their own pace, pause it, and watch it over and over again until they get the content. After positive feedbacks he continued posting videos and decided to create the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy has developed high quality teaching system which has been used at the present the by the Los Altos school which has great results of this teaching style. As a result the teachers spend more time with their students, and have better overview of what the students know and what they don’t know.

Personally I am supporting his idea to use the Khan Academy as a supplement for self studying.
It can help students to understand the content and achieve better results in school. Furthermore, the biggest advantages could be for the parents who have to spend time and money for tutoring their children. As a parent I would really push my children to use these videos in their free time to get better results at school. However, some kids might have problem with concentration of learning of the computer screens because of distraction possibilities from the internet. But this is a great idea how individuals and groups can improve their knowledge for free. Free education would be useful in countries in the third world where many families can’t afford their children’s education because of their bad financial situation. Therefore, I hope that these videos will get to the people who really need free education and help them achieve their dreams.