Sunday, 27 March 2011

Irwin Redlener on surviving a nuclear attack

Irvine Redlener in his presentation is talking about the chances of surviving nuclear attack. He noted that the preparedness of the USA is inadequate if nuclear bomb goes off. Furthermore, the USA has high value target which are easy to attack e.g. 9/11. The professor refutes the early theory that the nuclear bomb explosion is not possible to survive. He simulated a nuclear explosion in Manhattan, which illustrated that it is possible to survive the nuclear explosion. Professor Irvine Redlener explained the chances of survival of the blast effects. If people survive the blast actually they have pretty high chances to survive the attack; however, they have to make important steps such as getting out of the area about 1,5 miles, go down wind, get covered etc. According to the professor the critical point is to survive the blast and take right steps after it. In his presentation he proves that nuclear explosion is survivable.

Personally, I have found his presentation very interesting. Before watching it I thought after the nuclear blast the chance of survivor is zero. However, there is a possibility to survive which is good news. I think the steps that Irvine explained are very useful compared to the video from the 60’s, and I will keep it on mind in case of emergency. The only thing which disappointed me is the attitude of the government of the United States. They had been under a threat of nuclear attack for many years, and they had no rescue plan if some bomb goes off. The question is are they ready now? I doubt it. Another surprising fact is the huge amount of information available on the internet about building a nuclear bomb. In my opinion this should be top secret and not browse able.

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