Monday, 4 April 2011

Jane Poynter: Life in Biosphere 2

Jane Poynter in her presentation is talking about living in the Biosphere 2 for two years and twenty minutes with seven of her colleagues. In the Biosphere 2 she and her crew were experimenting living in the complete sealed environment. Biosphere 2, built in 1991, is an atmosphere created artificially by people. It has rain forest, ocean, farm where they were producing own food and did experiments. During this time they faced oxygen loss problem which was absorbed by concrete; furthermore, they were testing how small can be this biosphere. The Biosphere was tested in the space and they are planning to grow plants on the Moon and on the Mars. After spending 2 years in the Biosphere 2 she lost touch with our biosphere and realized that people stink; it is because we are using deodorants, hair sprays and other chemicals to refresh ourselves. The Biosphere is a ground breaking technology which will help our world in the future.
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Response: I think this is one of the most useful and amazing thing that was built by humans. It is like a new world had been created. Now I can see that we can relocate from earth to Mars or any other planet. Furthermore, if the global warming continues then we can create and hide in the Biosphere 2 isn’t it amazing? I can imagine myself to live in such a place if it comes to a worst in our world. Now at least we know that we have an option of hiding if the air is not good for us. In other words, this is a big achievement for us, all the movies where this kind of world was simulated now is the reality.
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  1. This Biosphere 2 is an amazing project. It is good to plan for the future, but I think that why do not we focus on solving problems in the world. Moreover, I think it would be great if we change our world in to Biosphere 2; a world without chemical and technology. We will live with nature like our ancestors did before. As a result, we do not have to move to another planet. Even though, it is hard to live with natural and without technology, it is not impossible. In addition, if we have to move to another planet, it is does not mean that everyone have a chance to go there. Then, what will happen with those people who are left behind? Therefore, we better do our best to save this world; otherwise, we could be the one who is left behind in the world. (words: 147)

  2. It is an interesting video, and I think it gives people a warning to think about our weak earth. The energy currently is a limited resource on the planet such as fossil fuel; moreover, people have realized that it is going to be exhausted sooner or later. It is sad that in some developing countries not take the environmental problems seriously. They sacrifice the nature to the development of economics. Secondly, in biosphere 2, the speed of destroy or wrong human activities are much faster than the speed of protection of environment. Our earth cannot afford any other trauma, even though we are trying to something. For example, many chemical waste according to the law is below the dangerous level, but it would be toxic gradually which dumped into the land or ocean. It is necessary to use techniques to solve this problem. In a word, saving the earth is the task for everyone; otherwise, the only option for us in future is moving to Mars to start new life.(words:170)

  3. This was very interesting video, and she was kind of angry I agree with Julie this warning message to the all people. Lot of people say that the energy that we have in earth is limited resource; moreover, people are trying to find some other way to exhausted this energy all this could damage the earth and lot of disaster that are happening around the world is because of all this activities that human are doing to make the energy more and more. This video can be a good influence to all scientists that they have to do something before it is too late. In conclusion, this is the time to solve this entire problem that we are facing in the world and safe the earth. I kind of agree with the last sentences that Julie said, I think that we all have to move to the mars someday. ( Word 150)

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